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Skinny Sprinkles


How Does Skinny Sprinkles Make Me Feel Full?

We'll let you into our secret.... 

Its the Glucomannan (Konjac) in Skinny Sprinkles that helps make you feel full. When you drink your Skinny Sprinkles the Glucomannan reaches your stomach and swells on contact with the water in your tummy, giving you a feeling of fullness. This clever ingredient absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water and forms into a gel like solution (this is why the drink needs to be taken within 5 minutes of mixing).

When taken, Skinny Sprinkles stimulates the hunger sensors in the stomach wall. These sensors send signals to the brain that tells us our stomach is full.

Did you know that 100% of food is retained in the stomach for 20 minutes after a meal compared to just 5 minutes for a drink. After 85 minutes, 50% of the food is still in your stomach compared to less than 5% for a liquid. This is why a glass of water will not make us feel satisfied in the same way a meal will. The Glucomannan in Skinny Sprinkles acts like a food which delays "gastric emptying" [The speed at which food and drink leave your stomach]. After taking Skinny Sprinkles your stomach thinks you have eaten which is why Skinny Sprinkles is so effective at curbing the appetite and preventing the urge to snack.